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We have merged both the Centrifugal-pump-online.com and the centrifugalpumpservices.co.uk web sites to give clarity and a single place for you to find your requirements.

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Sept 2022
The current situation with energy prices and the situation in Ukraine is causing volatility in prices and availability. A phone call or email should be made if you are urgently looking for a product to avoid non stock issues, we can then check and advise as some of our products are drawn off central stocks.

Jan 2023
Deliveries are improving and prices are stabilising
Annual Price increases are being implemented on our web site

Minimum Order Value £75 + vat = £90

Ebara Best One, Vox

Stainless sump pumps £145 + vat

Sumak Pumps

Stainless steel open and closed impeller transfer pumps.

Speroni Pumps

Stainless steel and cast iron centrifugal pumps.

Ebara Genuine Spares

Seal Kits

Evak Pumps

Hippo, Trenchman, EUB, Drainage, Contractor, Residual Submersibles

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