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Ebara Dumper

Ebara Dumper Dewatering Pumps

Ebara Dumper 10 51-ST

Ebara Dumper 10 51-ST

Ebara Pumps Dumper
Ebara Dumper 10 51 ST
3 to 24 m3/hr
15 to 4.4 mts

The Ebara DUMPER pump line is the answer to dewatering problems. It’s reduced diameter and side discharge
option, make this pump line suitable for both contracting and industrial use.
The stainless steel version allows further more extreme applications such as mining and others.
Overall, the robust construction together with high quality materials, make this product a strong
and reliable partner for the most demanding user.
Flexible metal cable protection of around 1m length
Water isolating blocking system
Elastic oil chamber for mechanical seal for heat dissipation on dry running
Double, independent tandem-mechanical seal
Sand protection for mechanical seal
Epoxy coating for parts made of aluminium / steel
1,787.00 (Ex VAT)