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Miscellaneous components and pump related equipment, please contact us by email or call 0161 428 0133
Floating Suction Set 1"

Floating Suction Set 1"

The 1" suction fitting comprises a brass foot valve and strainer, which is held just below the water line by a stainless steel split ring and an impact resistant ABS float.
Supplied with a brass hose connector and 2 metres of light duty suction hose.
28.00 (Ex VAT)
Stainless Steel Pump trolley

Stainless Steel Pump trolley

Stainless steel trolley for pumps up to 2.2kw
Solid and practical, equipped with comfortable rubber grips.
The different mounting setups adapt to all kinds of pumps.

This item is essential for not only keeping the cellar tidy but also protecting the pump itself.

Handle height 520mm approximately
250.00 (Ex VAT)


Stainless steel foldable trolly 330kgs load

The stainless steel folding platform trolley has 4 wheels are made out of rubber, therefore the stainless steel folding platform hand truck is moving silently.

It is made out of high quality, hardened stainless steel and can take a load up to 330 kg.

folding model
excellent quality
wheels out of rubber with ball bearing
max. load 330 kg
modern design
load platform made of stainless steel
2 steerable rear wheels
simple to use and easy to clean
195.00 (Ex VAT)

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