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Pressure Switch

Adjustable pressure switches, manual and digital.
Coelbo Switchmatic 2

Coelbo Switchmatic 2

Coelbo Switchmatic 2 electronic pressure switch

Supply 230v / 110v
50/60 HZ
Factory Setting 3 bar cut in 4 Bar cut out
Cut in presure range 0.5 to 7 bar
Cut out pressssure range 1 to 8 bar
Maximum differential 7.5 bar
1/4 bsp female connection
Max water temp 50 Deg C
Max environment temp 60 Deg C

- Amp led light (green):
- Bright: Displayed instantaneous current consumption of the pump.
- Flashing: Setting maximum current of the pump.
- Alarm red light: dry-run, over current, fast cyclying
- A push-button: Set and display current intensity.

Switchmatic Video
50.00 (Ex VAT)
Coelbo Switchmatic_2_T-Kit

Coelbo Switchmatic_2_T-Kit

Electronic pressure switch with integrated 3 way fitting incorporating a non return valve.
Complete pump protection
Dry Run
Rapid recycle(bladded failure)
Compact and easily set up and adjusted
110v or 230v single phase
16 Amp rated

96.00 (Ex VAT)
Switchmatic 2T

Switchmatic 2T

Coelbo Switchmatic 2T 3 phase pressure switch
Digital differential pressure switch
Electronic pressure switch. Patented Model.
The SWITCHMATIC 2 T is a three phase electronic pressure switch with an integrated digital pressure gauge.
It can manage the start and stop of 3-phase electric pumps.
General electric supply is 400Vac.
Cut-in and cut-out pressure can be set easily and accurately through user friendly control panel.
Wiring is carried out identically to a conventional pressure switch.
SWITCHMATIC 2T includes also instantaneous current readout and voltage.
It can be mounted individually or in groups of 2 pumps synchronized and operating in cascade mode with alternated sequence of operation.
This patented version controls and manages the over current, voltage out of range protection, the dry-running protection of the pump and fast cycling protection.

Power supply voltage ~3 x 220-400 Vac
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Max. current 12 A
Maximum pump power 4kW (5,5 HP)
Starting pressure range (cut-in) 0.5 - 7 bar
Stop pressure range (cut-out) 1 - 8 bar
Maximum differential 7.5 bar
Minimum differential 0.5 - 1,5 bar
Factory setting (cut-in/cut-out) 3 / 4 bar
Protection degree IP55
Max. water temperature 40 ºC
Max. environment temperature 50 ºC
Net weight (without cables) -
Inlet thread G1/4" F

134.00 (Ex VAT)
Coelbo Kit_PS2

Coelbo Kit_PS2

Coelbo Kit PS2 adjustable presure switch with intergrated gauge and 3 x 1" bsp hydraulic connections
1 - 1" male & 2 - 1" female

Cut in pressure range 1.4 bar to 2.8 Bar

33.00 (Ex VAT)
Coelbo PS2/1.5-5.5

Coelbo PS2/1.5-5.5

Coelbo PS2 1.5 to 5.5 adjustable presure switch

Factory Setting 1.4 bar to 2.8 Bar
1/4 bsp female connection
10.70 (Ex VAT)
Coelbo PS2/4-10.5

Coelbo PS2/4-10.5

Coelbo PS2 4 to 10.5 adjustable presure switch

Cut in pressure range 4 bar to 5.5 Bar
1/4 bsp female connection
15.00 (Ex VAT)
Coelbo PS2+/1-6.5

Coelbo PS2+/1-6.5

Coelbo PS2+ 1 to 6.5 adjustable presure switch

Cut in pressure range 1.4 bar to 2.8 Bar
1/4 bsp female connection
18.60 (Ex VAT)

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