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Pump Protection

Run dry and overload protestion devices
Coelbo Safematic Wall

Coelbo Safematic Wall

Coelbo Safematic W (wall) electronic pump protection

Dry-running protection without configuration.
Overload protection.

Supply 230v
50/60 HZ
Max environment temp 50 Deg C

Safematic Video
49.00 (Ex VAT)
Coelbo Switchmatic 2

Coelbo Switchmatic 2

Coelbo Switchmatic 2 electronic pressure switch

Supply 230v / 110v
50/60 HZ
Factory Setting 3 bar cut in 4 Bar cut out
Cut in presure range 0.5 to 7 bar
Cut out pressssure range 1 to 8 bar
Maximum differential 7.5 bar
1/4 bsp female connection
Max water temp 50 Deg C
Max environment temp 60 Deg C

- Amp led light (green):
- Bright: Displayed instantaneous current consumption of the pump.
- Flashing: Setting maximum current of the pump.
- Alarm red light: dry-run, over current, fast cyclying
- A push-button: Set and display current intensity.

Switchmatic Video
50.00 (Ex VAT)

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