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Second Hand Pumps

A selection of our second hand and cancelled order pumps. We do not purchase your used pumps
Busch Dolphin LB 0726 A ZPB

Busch Dolphin LB 0726 A ZPB

Busch Dolphin LB 0726 A ZPB formally Graham Precision Pumps 2PV 62240/30/15/Y

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in all nickel aluminium bronze construction

Bare shaft pump only

Brand new in its shipping crate

40,000.00 (Ex VAT)
DP VF 1511 Vertical Multistage

DP VF 1511 Vertical Multistage

DP Pumps vertical multistage pump model DPVF 1511B

11Kw 2900rpm

Cancelled order normally £2959

2 available from stock

Identical to KSB Movitec VF 15 11 as DP pumps are owned by KSB and the same pump has a different namplate only.

2,250.00 (Ex VAT)
 Ebara Pump LPCD/F 50-125/2.2

Ebara Pump LPCD/F 50-125/2.2

Cancelled order, No packaging so dusty and a few paint marks.

Second Hand Ebara Pumps LPCD/F 50-125/2.2

List price £2611

1,000.00 (Ex VAT)
Dooch SQ DHF 4-40 presurisation set

Dooch SQ DHF 4-40 presurisation set

Dooch SQ DHF 4-40 presurisation set

This was a sample pump for us to evulate (agancy given to others)

Nominal 4 m3/Hr @ 3bar

Max 4 bar

Max 7 M3/Hr

230v input


325.00 (Ex VAT)
Espa Drainex 300 MA

Espa Drainex 300 MA

Espa Drainex 300MA

Supplied with 10 m power cable.
Complete with float switch.

Drainage of sewage and dirty water,
operation in septic tanks and small
purifying installations

Inclusive of Duck foot,chain and elbow for choice of installation

500.00 (Ex VAT)


Sorry now sold
QPower Diesel Generator, Model WH5500DGS 110v-230v

A simple to operate generator in an
attenuated enclosure. Provided with
wheels and handles at either end for
This packaged generator unit feature
single cylinder, type WD406 10HP
vertical, 4 stroke, air cooled, direct
injection, diesel engines. Rated rotation
speed 3000rpm. Electric key start is
standard on these models.
The generator is a brushless, revolving
field, self exciting type offering a
maximum of 5.5kVA in 110/230v voltage

Brand new


BBC Semisom 450L Manual + QM IT control box
Pump has been superseded by 490L
Small 2" sewage submersible pump with
50mm solids capability
230v 1.1kw 7.3 amps

300.00 (Ex VAT)
 Ebara Pump 3M 32-200/3 Used

Ebara Pump 3M 32-200/3 Used


Second Hand Ebara Pumps 3M32-200/3

Used for reclaimed water duty for 4 weeks

Fitted with a new silicon vs silicon epdm seal

List price £1127

500.00 (Ex VAT)

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