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Ebara Pumps for Brewing

Ebara Pump has been supplying pumps to many Micro Breweries across Europe as they are a credible alternative to a full Hygienic centrifugal pump. Where full Hygienic pumps are not required we can offer our Wort pumps or Inox Mim pumps

By following good Clean In Place (CIP) practices the Ebara CDX and Ebara CD range of stainless steel end suction pumps have proven to be a cost effective product.

We have developed an open vane pump we cal the "CDX O" with a reduced pressure and solids handling, avoiding the cavitation issues on low pressure craft breweries. 1.5bar (15mts) maximum pressure generated minimum 0.4bar (4mts) and flows of 20 to 125 l/min. Call us for details.

Wort Pumps for Brewing Sminox

Wort Pumps for Brewing Sminox

There are many Myths being talked about the seal to use in the pumps and even some claiming to have a special seal specifically for the brewing industry. Fact is that if you have been pumping a sugary solution at a high temperature then you should allow the pump to cool after its process and then flush through with warm caustic solution. If you flush straight after the process with cold water then you are liable to cause thermal cracking of the ceramic seat. Wort pumps

If you do not CIP then the sugary solution adheres to the faces of the seal and when it is started again the stationary part of the seal spins in its housing, burning out the O ring and causing it to leak. If you are lucky enough not for this to happen then you will probably score the highly polished faces with the sugar causing the seal to leak.

Brewery Seals

The elastomers of the seal should be EP to resist the properties of the caustic (sodium hydroxide) and also to give a working temperature of 110 Deg C

Do not use Silicon verses Silicon on water applications

Look at our Brewery spec CDX pumps and Seals available to puchase on this web site.

Centrifugal Pump Services are also supplying modified and alternative brands to meet the varying duties required.

Please call for advice as we work with some of the major micro brewing machinery manufactures in the UK and together we can supply for your specific requirements.

Inox Mim FL31C

A fully hygienic pump for the production and transfer of Beer. This is the correct pump for micro brewing without the cost compromise, removing the risk of contamination and is a full clean in place (CIP) product. The Ebara CDX and the Wort pumps are not Hyginic Pumps but have been used to comprise the cost by many operators.

Like all pumps, do not transfer them from a hot duty to a cold duty without allowing the pump to cool fully or you will shatter the seal.