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Ebara DVS_DRD_DRS Pumps

Ebara DVS DRD DRS Pumps Cast iron submersible

Ebara DVS_DRD_DRS Pumps

Ebara DVS_DRD_DRS Pumps

Ebara DRD double channel Impeller sewage pump
Ebara DVS Semi-vortex impeller sewage pumps
Ebara DRS cutter / shredder sewage pumps

These pumps are used in waste effluent systems

40mm, 65mm 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm

Pedestal kits are available

Flygt compatible claws are also available

Due to the nature of this product these are not available to purchase online

Please call with your requirements and we will prepare you a quotation